As a personal psychologist, only in the smartphone and without consultation

Mobile app for getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions for iOS & Android smartphones

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How is it works?


Write down the situation, thoughts, emotions, and actions in detail


Evaluate the impact of emotions and thoughts


Conduct an internal dialogue and look at the situation from the outside


Evaluate the impact of emotions after a dialogue


Write a result that will always be at hand

And you will also get access to mini-courses that contain effective tips for dealing with difficult situations

Proven self-help methodology

MindUp is an effective tool for psychological self-help at a price that is cheaper than one specialist consultation

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Why download MindUp?


In the first 7 days of use, you will learn how to deal with bad thoughts and emotions


No need to spend a lot of money to help yourself

Always at hand

MindUp is always there on your smartphone

Questions and answers

Why is it work?

The application is based on the methods of cognitive-behavioral therrapy (CBT). CBT is an evidence-based approach to dealing with bad thoughts and emotions that has effective self-help tools

How quickly will the effect appear?

We recommend using the app regularly for 1 week

How does the app affect my thinking?

If the thoughts are really bad, then thanks to the internal dialogue, you will be able to rethink the situation and look at it from a different angle

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Altogether with the app, you will get access to an effective psychological self-help tool, interesting mini-courses, tests, and other useful features that we regularly add for you

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